ikimhyoyeon asked: *sweeps out all the cobwebs and opens up all the windows in your askbox* Gotta air this stuffy place out!

(/chuckles softly and shakes his head lightly.) Really Hyoyeon… you’re too kind. You do know that right?

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Passing the time until you come back *laughs* Hello!!

Hello there darling. *smiles softly* I’m taking forever to finish my revamp it seems. I’m just a lazy bum. 

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Anonymous asked: Changmin stood silently, eyes boring into the sticky note he had stuck stuck on the door before hesitantly raising his pen, "...I saw a picture of you the other day. You look well. Are you well? ...I'm sorry, I know I have no right to be here, I don't even know why I'm here. I guess I just couldn't help think of you." Sighing, Changmin wasn't even sure if the other would get it, much less recognize the handwriting, before walking back out. Has it been a year now? It certainly felt that way.

Jungshin was late getting home that night, it had been awhile since he had stayed out so late. Just as he was about to head in when he pause and carefully read of the note on his door. There was a moment of silence as emotions surged through him, anger, remorse, regret, pain, and a fondness he could never seem to shake. A soft smile pulled at his lips and he dug around in his bag, pulling out a sticky note and he wrote across the yellow paper carefully. “I’m well enough. How are you? It might be stupid of me, but I miss you even after all this time. I want to see Is there It’s empty without you here.” Smoothing out the sticky part of the note, he looks at the door with a soft, unrecognizable expression before he sighs heavily, something weighing on his chest as he opened the door and slipped inside to lay down for the night. 

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ikimhyoyeon asked: *twirls around your ask box*

What are you doing silly girl?

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It’s good to see you guys haven’t changed one bit you know… Like really… 

-goes back to theme editing and about making-


Our little lives don’t count at all.

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bouzenanon asked: *cradles your face to her bosom* I've missed you so!

Oh my. Titties. I still like the pillows.

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Frankenstein (1931)

It’s been 5 fucking months. Like holy fuck. 

Alright. Time for a revamp. Only 40 followers… Its time for me to get my shit together. Alright, leggo. Gonna come out a sexier man. If that is even possible. Psh. 

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